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At PNK Ranch, we are committed to producing the best of the breed. Being a small ranch has given us the opportunity to focus on the quality of our cattle with elite genetics in the world of red, black, and mixed full blood and purebred lines.

Our Red fullblood lines include bloodlines of Rueshaw, the only National Grand Champion to have been exported from Japan. These bloodlines include other standouts including Red Emperor and Big Al.

Our Black fullblood and purebreds include bloodlines such as Itoshiganami TF148, considered to be one of the top three bulls ever exported from Japan. On the dam side, LMR Ms. Sanjirou 767T was owned by Eldon and is highlighted in our black lineages. Her current embryo sales average over $3500, and offspring sold at private treaty bring over $30,000 with calves at auction selling in excess of $40,000. Our RMW 29E is a direct daughter of 767T. Our current herd bull, RMW Itoshigenami, is the son of Itoshigenami along with Eldon’s prized dam, Eve. We believe this pairing to be among the best genetics available outside of Japan.

We also have some incredible red/black mixed fullblood lines, which include mixes of Rueshaw, Red Emperor, and 767T!

Our current offerings include heifers and cows, bulls, steers in various stages of finishing, as well as embryos. Several bulls have proven more than worthy of collecting, and semen will be available shortly.


Exceptional Taste - Exceptional Benefits

Wagyu beef is extremely rich in monounsaturated fatty acids and contains all of the essential amino acids, including omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Essential fatty acids such as these are believed to lower risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer,

Alzheimer’s and other conditions. Wagyu has a massive 63 times the monounsaturated fat (that’s the LDL good guys that help reduce cholesterol) compared to fish, and the lowest cholesterol level of all meats. It is likened to olive oil and salmon in terms of its health benefits.

Wagyu FAQs

What is American Wagyu?

American wagyu is a crossbred beef, typically a wagyu bull bred to Angus or other breeds.

Why is Wagyu beef so expensive?
These cattle are very rare by beef cattle numbers. Their genetics are collected and registered so that their exact genealogy is known and recorded, along with any potential genetic defects. They also require greater quality care, purer food sources and longer field time. While other breeds of beef are ready for market much quicker, Wagyu beef is not fully finished until at least 30 months.



Cows currently pregnant, bred to RMW Itoshiganami 35G (FB47804)


RMW Nakagisha Genie (FB28184)

This is a full blood, black cow we purchased directly from Eldon Clawson’s widow.  She is a nice animal and produces pretty calves.  She is a carrier of CHS, but bred to non-carriers, it is not an issue. 5E is currently bred to RMW Itoshiganami Jr. 35G.  $6,500

AWA Animal Details


PNK 7H (FB69734)

This is a full blood, black/red mix out of 3B RMW Nakazakura X Sanjiru.  7H’s maternal grandmother is 767T, and maternal grandfather is Heart Brand’s Red Emperor.  We have 3B and her full sister 5C, and they produce phenomenal animals.  All animals are free of genetic disorders.  $7,000

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RMW Ms Ito Kedaka (FB51114)

This is a full blood, black cow out of 1E and Yama.  The great 767T was the dam to Yama.  Free of all known recessives.  14G is currently bred to to RMW Itoshiganami Jr. 35G.  $9,500

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PNK 3H (FB69739)

This cow is a rock star.  She is full blood black out of 29E Rocky Mountain Genie whose dam was 767T, and sired by Yama.  Free of all known genetic disorders.  She is also bred to RMW Itoshiganami Jr. 35G.  $12,000

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PNK 4H (FB69738)

Another full blood, all black cow.  Like 14G, she is also out of 1E, but her sire is Nobu, Eldon’s favorite bull.  Free of all known genetic disorders, and 4H is also bred back to RMW Itoshiganami Jr. 35G.  $9,000

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Heifers Sired by RMW Itoshiganami Jr. 35G:


PNK J8 (FB79793)

Full blood black out of 5E which is described above.  This heifer was born 9/9/21, and is free of all recessives. $6,000

AWA Animal Details


12K PNK Ms Itokedaka (FB88426)

Full blood black heifer born 8/29/22 out of PNK 4H weighing only 51 pounds. Her Sire is RMW Ito Jr., and her grand sire is Nobu. $4,000.


PNK 3K (FB81309

Full blood black/red mix out of 1H described above.  She was born 2/2/22 and is a carrier of IARS. $3,000


PNK Itokazura 11K (FB88424)

Full blood red/black mix born to 2H who is a 9AA rock star out of 5C and Nobu. Sired by Ito Jr., this is a pretty little heifer born 9/2/22 at 67 pounds. As with all of the heifers, bulls, and steers born since 2021, she is free of all recessives, and cosmetically de-horned. $4,500


PNK 2K (FB81308)

Full blood black/red mix out of 33F whose dam is 5C out of 767T and HB Red Emperor).  She is a pretty heifer born 1/24/22 and free of all recessives. $5,500


PNK J4 (PB79792)

This is a pure bred black heifer born 10/24/21.  She is out of our 45 which was an F3 calf standing at the side of one of our original cows.  Free of all recessives. $3,000



PNK 4K (FB81305)

If you purchase 14G or 4H, this would not be the bull for you because he is an all black, full blood bull born 2/2/22 out of 1E. He is a nice looking bull, and ready to go to work, but he is too closely related to those other 2 animals. This is the only all black, mature bull we have available at this time. He would be fine to breed to any of the other animals on the list. Free of all recessives. $6,000


PNK 1K Itokamiko (FB88421)

This one is my personal favorite. He is a full blood, red/black mix, and he is soooooo pretty. His mother is A5 Akamiko. We just sold her after flushing her for embryos with JC Rueshaw 92. She is getting up there in age, but still produced 32 embryos with her last flush which is just phenomenal. A5 is the full sister to the #1 Akaushi bull in Australia. When you put that with the marbling capability of the black Itoshiganami, and you may hit it out of the park. Born 5/30/22, he was bigger than the others within 4 months. Free of all recessives. $9,000


PNK 10K Itogenie (FB88425)

Full blood bull calf, all black born to 3H out of our rockstar 29E. He was born 8/29/22, and weaned February 10, 2023. Free of all recessives. $7,000



PNK 16K Itonakagisha, (FB88422)

Full blood black Steer born 9/5/22 out of 5E and Ito Jr, weighing 78 pounds. Weaned to feed pen Feb. 10, 2023, 2023. $3,500


PNK J7 (PB79799)

Another Purebred calf born to 41F and Ito Jr., 9/7/21 who was weaned, and has been in the feed pen March 5, 2022. $6,300


PNK 15K Bruce Lee (FB88423)

Full blood black out of RMW 14G and Ito Jr. He was a big baby at 84 lbs born 8/23/22, weaned to feed pen Feb 10, 2023. $3,500


PNK J10 (FB79794)

Full blood red/black steer born 12/31/21 to 18G, (a full blood red out of A5 full sister to the best marbling Akaushi bull in Australia crossed with JC Rueshaw 92, son of only Grand National Champion Akaushi to be exported from Japan). Sired by Ito Jr., and on finishing rations since April 19, 2022. $6,500


PNK 14K Itonakajiru (FB88427)

Born 8/20/22. He is a red/black full blood mix out of PNK 7H and Ito Jr. Born weighing 50 pounds, he was weaned and placed in the feeding pen Feb. 10, 2023. $3,500


PNK J9 (FB79795)

Full blood red/black born to full red 3F, half sister to 18G and sired by Ito Jr. He was born 12/27/21, and moved to the feed pen on April 19, 2022. $6,500


PNK 17K Ironman (PB88428

Born 10/11/22 out of 41F (red/black mix out of F2 cow and JC Rueshaw 92—son of only Grand National Champion red bull to be exported from Japan), and sired by Ito Jr. This steer was the biggest baby born on the ranch to date at 81 pounds, and his growth rate has been phenomenal. He is just HUGE. He was weaned March 20, 2023 and placed in the feed pen. $3,500




Grade 1 embryos from Akamiko (PF17963) and Rueshaw 92. $3000

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