The PNK Ranch Story - From Beef to Bernedoodles!

PNK Ranch is owned and operated by Patrick Costello and Katherine (Kathy) Julia.  Patrick and Kathy began this journey in 2014 on a 14 acre “Ranchito” inside the city of McAllen, Texas where they raised their 4 sons.  Their goal was simply to raise great beef for their own family to enjoy.  With that in mind, it took very little research to discover that Wagyu is simply the best.  Extremely rich in monounsaturated fatty acids such as Omega-3 and Omega-6, no triglycerides, soft fat with a lower melting point, yet typically 30% fewer calories than angus, with unbeatable flavor.  They started with two bred back F2 cows (3/4 black wagyu ¼ angus) with calves at their side. They added red genetics through artificial insemination, using the best semen they could source.  The passion grew, and in 2020, they quadrupled the size of the ranch in order to accommodate some of the best genetics in the world for both red and black wagyu.  The commitment was driven by the opportunity to selectively acquire from the herd belonging to the late Eldon Clawson, former American Wagyu Association Director and esteemed cattle geneticist.  PNK Ranch now boasts a herd of over 50 head of full blood, registered Wagyu in all black, all red, and black/red combinations.  

On the Bernedoodle side, Patrick previously lived in the mountains of Colorado with his beloved Bernese Mountain Dog, Tyson.  Unfortunately, as wonderful as the breed is, they do not do well in the heat, shed quite a lot, and have very short lifespans.  Tyson was only 6 when diagnosed with advanced-stage cancer and had to be put down.  After relocating to South Texas to be with the love of his life, Patrick and Kathy started researching alternatives to the pure-bred Bernese and came across the Bernedoodle.  They have the loving temperament of the Bernese, the smarts and low shedding of the poodle, yet an average lifespan of 12 and up to 18 years!  Upon the arrival of Fiona, it was love at first sight.  Next came Enzo, and after a couple of years, they decided to have a litter to share with friends and family.  Each and every puppy was placed by referral, and regular “Pupdates” are still shared with the Ranch.  Fiona retired in 2022 after 4 litters, but the tradition of 1 litter per year will carry on with her daughters, Chanel and Gucci, starting in 2023.  The antithesis of a puppy mill, the puppies are reared in the family home.  The bond they share with these four-legged family members is so strong that the litters are actually born right in their bedroom.  By eight weeks of age, when they are ready to join their new families, they know their names and are well on their way to being potty trained.   

PNK Ranch prides itself with providing friendly customer service along with highly prized cattle, embryos, semen, and the occasional side of beef as well as the best puppies.  The ranch was founded, and is rooted in a commitment to producing the exceptional!   

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