Meet Man's NEW Favorite Best Friend

The Bernedoodle- Quite Possibly The Perfect Family Dog

All of the past litters were F2b (F1 X F1b).  Fiona is F1 (Bernese Mountain Dog X Miniature Poodle).  She is 55 pounds, with perfect tri-colored markings, and believes she is human.  She goes everywhere with Patrick—Home Depot, Farm & Fleet, Tractor supply, office, bed…. you name it, and she’s with Patrick.  Enzo is F1b (Bernedoole X Mini Poodle).  His nickname is “Beef”.  Although only 47 pounds, he is shorter and thicker than Fiona, and loves to just be with his people.  The combination of those 2 produced spectacular puppies, from apricot and white, to tri-colored, with about 25% of the litters being “unfurnished” meaning a recessive Bernese coat gene was passed from each parent to produce a puppy that did not have the “furnished” or “doodle” hair.  Still soft as bunnies and low shedding, their colors never fade, and they require much less grooming. 

Future litters born here at the Ranch will be offspring of Gucci and Chanel.   Both are F2b daughters of Fiona and Enzo, and will be bred only once a year to Cooper the Law Dog, a beautiful Moyen Party Poodle.  Gucci is 35 pounds, and Chanel is 55 pounds.  They are both perfectly marked, furnished, and tri-colored.  Bred to Cooper, (only 20 pounds), we expect smaller puppies than in the past, but think it responsible as breeders not to breed animals with too large a size gap.   

Feel free to contact us about upcoming litters. 

The Bernedoodle Breakdown

Let's see what makes the bernedoodle such a special breed!

Great Temperament

Smart, loving, and less high-strung than most breeds.

Perfect Family Dog

The bernedoodle inherits its gentleness from the bernese mountain dog which was dubbed as the gentle giant.

Hypoallergenic Qualities

This designer breed is known for being hypoallergenic.

Very Intelligent

Very smart and can quickly pick up on new tricks as well as remember their previous training

Beautiful Colored Coats

Most bernedoodles have very long wavy coats that shed minimally.

Excellent Lifespan

Estimated at 12 and 15 years; some even believe that this crossbreed can live beyond 17+ years.



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